ENSTOR Waha Storage and Transportation, L.P.
(potential development opportunity)

  • Type of facility: High deliverability, multi-cycle salt cavern natural gas storage in bedded salt formation
  • Location:Reeves County, Texas (Near the Waha trading pool in West Texas)
  • Pipeline Access: Up to 14 pipelines serving various trading regions of the US
  • Working Capacity: Up to 10 bcf, with high turn capability
  • Peak Injection Capacity: 450,000 Mcf/day
  • Peak Withdrawal Capacity: 800,000 Mcf/day
  • Owner: ENSTOR

Enstor Waha Storage and Transportation, L.P. ("Enstor Waha") project is strategically located at the crossroads of the growing Permian Basin of which the pipelines both supply and feed markets in the West and Southwest Texas regions of the United States and Mexico. Once completed, the project would be connected with up to 14 intrastate and interstate pipelines including the recently announced Waha-Presidio and Waha-San Elizario pipelines that are scheduled to commence serving gas demand in Mexico in 2017.

Interested parties should contact Paul Bieniawski at Enstor (281) 374-3080 for further information.