Mississippi Hub, LLC Mississippi Hub Expansion Project

Mississippi Hub, LLC 
Mississippi Hub Expansion Project

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Proposed facility expansion plans
To meet growing energy demands in the marketplace, Mississippi Hub, LLC (MS Hub) is planning to apply to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for approvals to construct and operate new natural gas storage and pipeline facilities and to modify certain previously authorized natural gas storage and pipeline facilities in Simpson, Covington, and Jefferson Davis Counties Mississippi. 

Specifically, the application seeks authority to construct facilities that will consist of three new natural gas storage caverns totaling approximately 30 Bcf of working gas capacity, along with associated compression, dehydration, and ancillary facilities.  Additionally, a new booster compressor will be constructed near the existing interconnect with Transco on the MS Hub Transco lateral.  

Marketplace Trends
The US natural gas market is facing price volatility and increased demand, fueling renewed interest in expansion and development of gas storage assets. Peter Abt, Senior Vice President of Enstor Gas, shares marketplace insights and dynamics that are driving the MS Hub expansion project. Read more in this article New golden era for US natural gas storage looms as demand, rates rise | S&P Global Commodity Insights (spglobal.com).

Environmental and Land Focus
At Enstor, we recognize that our business has a significant role to play in protecting and preserving the environment for current and future generations, as well as pursuing long-term sustainability. MS Hub owns or has rights to the majority of the land required for the new natural gas storage and pipeline facilities, thus minimizing the need for additional land acquisition which will in turn minimize disruption of the surrounding environment.  

The MS Hub facility site is located approximately 7.6 miles southwest of the town of Magee, Mississippi.  MS Hub expects to begin construction activities for the expansion project in 2025, after receipt of approval from FERC and other Federal, State and Local agencies.

For further information please contact MSHExpansionProject@enstorinc.com.

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