At Enstor, we strive to build upon our distinction of transparency, accountability, and honesty by consistently recognizing and valuing ethical conduct. Our management approach is governed by a Business Code of Conduct and Ethics, Anti-corruption Policy, including antibribery, and initiatives that ensure that we maintain transparency and ethical conduct as we continuously improve and engage in industry-best business practices. At Enstor, we evaluate Company policies on an ongoing basis to revise ineffective or deficient policies and procedures routinely. 

In 2022, Enstor will focus on strengthening our line of communication from corporate to field operations. Actions to be considered include the development of steering committees that encompass all levels of the organization; further use of technology to distribute information; employee surveys to assess performance; and identify areas of improvement.

Ongoing engagement is essential for creating and sustaining long-term value for our stakeholders. Through proactive, open dialogue, we aim to foster meaningful relationships built on mutual trust and understanding that enable us to constructively address our stakeholders’ needs and concerns. We continue to work closely with our stakeholders to better understand their expectations and inform our ESG approach and priority areas.

Landowners are one of Enstor’s most crucial stakeholders. As such, we regularly engage with landowners to let them know that we are working to protect them. Enstor conducts surveys of our pipeline areas every three to six months that focus on protecting the communities in which we operate. Enstor maintains proactive and positive relationships with landowners by ensuring payment obligations are made accurately and timely; by responding to landowner inquiries quickly and courteously. Enstor promotes goodwill amongst our landowners by staying engaged and involved in local causes benefiting the communities in which we live and work together. 

During a routine methane detection, Arch Aerial identified an area of interest along one portion of our pipeline in Katy. Enstor was immediately notified and sent employees to the area to investigate. Upon further investigation, the area of interest—a residential area—appeared to have a residential dwelling bordering the pipeline. A gas fire pit on one of the residential properties had a valve that was leaking into the pipeline right-of-way. As a result, Enstor contacted the homeowner and neighbors to inform them of the incident, providing mutually beneficial outcomes to all involved.

Enstor is governed by and adheres to all applicable federal, state, and local regulations. Enstor participated in more than 20 agency inspections in 2021. The Company received no significant environmental notices of violation (NOVs) and zero fines respectively in 2021. 

At Enstor, we are committed to maintaining the security of our operations and confidential information that is exchanged with our partners as part of conducting business. We continually assess all security risks and have implemented appropriate mitigations including building out our cybersecurity capabilities. In May 2021, Enstor initiated cyber security training and penetration testing. All employees completed assigned training resulting in over 250 hours of training. Phishing testing demonstrated a 40% improvement in likelihood of employees recognizing threats after completing training. We plan to implement additional formal cybersecurity and physical security programs (based on TSA Pipeline Security Guidelines) in 2022.

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