ENSTOR Houston Hub Storage and Transportation L.P.
(potential development opportunity)

  • Location: Liberty County, Texas (Near the town of Dayton, Texas, approximately 30 miles northeast of Houston)
  • Pipeline Access: Dual 2.34 mile, 24 inch diameter, bi-directional pipelines connecting to two interstate pipelines: Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America (NGPL) and Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corporation (Transco), with bi-directional metering at interconnect sites
  • Working Capacity: Up to 30 Bcf of capacity, to be developed in two phases
  • Proposed Injection Capacity: 1,500 MMcf/day
  • Peak Withdrawal Capacity: 1,500 MMcf/day
  • Owner: ENSTOR

ENSTOR Houston Hub Storage and Transportation L.P. ("Enstor Houston Hub") project is strategically located in the natural gas pipeline corridor that links the gas supply regions of Texas to multiple market regions, including Gulf Coast industrial plants and markets in the Southeast, Midwest, and Northeast United States.

Interested parties should contact Paul Bieniawski at Enstor (281) 374-3080 for further information.